For the Love of Guns: How Obado & Jowie Gunned Themselves Down

The feeling of owning a gun brings with it some sense of security. With the increasing insecurity in our streets, i am sure we have all at times wished we owned a gun or any other lethal weapon to help us deal with the increasing number of criminal gangs in the country.

Owning a gun is a process in Kenya that requires a lot of legal procedures. What therefore happens if you are found in possession of illegal guns? Well, see what is currently happening to governor Obado.

The Migori governor is currently in trouble with the authorities after he was found in possession of 8 guns with 3 of them being declared illegal.

The Firearms act does not clearly state the number of firearms one is entitled to but is specific to the types one is allowed to own but the illegal possession and open display of firearms can lead one to deep trouble just like in the case of Joseph Irungu alias Jowie who was denied bail due to this reason.

According to Justice James Wakiaga, Jowie’s open display of firearms was a clear indication that he is able to marshal them and use them to his advantage by maybe silencing the said witnesses in the Monica Kimani Murder case.

Justice Wakiaga added that Jowie’s love for guns could create fear and intimidation among the witnesses.

With regards to Obado’s case, the guns recovered at his homes were subjected to ballistic examinations and verification of certificates at the Central Firearms Bureau (CFB) hence confirming the illegality of three.

Under the Firearms Act laws of Kenya, anyone can apply for a permit to own a firearm and ammunitions. But one has to meet several qualifications to be issued with the permit. Once licensed, you can only purchase the type of firearm described in the permit.

Carrying an illegal firearm is a serious crime, which under Section 4 of the Act attracts up to 10 years in jail without the option of a fine. In fact, if the firearm or ammunition is one of the types prohibited in law, then the sentence shall not be less than seven years and not more than 15 years.

The same is the case if you are in possession of more ammunition that those permitted. But if you are convicted for failure to renew the firearms certificate by negligence, then you shall pay Sh500 for every day you had the gun with an expired certificate.

If you fail to pay the fine, then you go to jail for up to two years. There are some guns such AK47, G3 and MP5 which are described as “specified firearms” under Section 4A of the Firearms Act. Possession of any of these without a firearms certificate or any lawful justification attracts life imprisonment.

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