VIDEO: Police on the Spot For Using Excess Force in the Matatu Crackdown


PHOTO/COURTESY An anti riot police officer clash with Anti IEBC Protesters outside anniversary towers on May 16

Police brutality is one of the things that Kenya’s have been crying over for the longest time.. Yet this remains to be an issue that the police have ignored for the longest time. Why do Police think that they can bring peace by using force or being violent? This only ignites tension.

You are either asked to pay bribe or if you are unlucky on that day then you can go through a thorough beating.

It is a culture that has been bred for the longest time and for many reasons the police have in many cases been portrayed as being above the law..

If you are a university student you must know what I am talking about.. But if you have not faced the brutal and inhumane side then you have once or twice come across videos where police use force while arresting suspects or just causing trouble.


PHOTO/COURTESY Archived photo on police brutality

During university strikes and during the election post election violence we have seen videos of police thorough beating up innocent Kenyans who have found themselves in the mix of events.

In most cases they have defended themselves saying that the suspect was resisting arrest. But trust me that is a tired story that we have all head.

Personally I got a taste of the rod and ever been in a scene where force was used for all.the wrong and Ill intentions.

Well this might have not been the case in this scenario; the details being scanty but a video that has gone viral shows a police man seemingly involved in a fight with a citizen on am incident that happened today at wikililye roadbloack in Kitui county.

Netizens have demanded that the inspector General of the National Police service; Joseph Boinnet should look into and address the matter.


Have you ever been a victim of police brutality? What do you think the government should do to curb this state?

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