“The crocodiles have attacked,” Obado re-arrested.

Governor Okoth Obado is never running out of trouble anytime soon. The crocodiles he talked about it seems are real and are determined to swallow him a live.

Over the weekend the governor in the company of the Deputy President claimed that the crocodiles were coming after him and he requested that the church leaders should pray for him.

Did the same prayers turn as a lightning that is now striking Obado?

Governor Obado was arrested on Wednesday afternoon in Nairobi after 8 guns were recovered from the raid at his homes in Migori and Nairobi.

He was moved to the Nairobi area CID headquarters where is currently being interrogated.

Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) on Tuesday staged a five-hour long search across the embattled Migori county boss’ homes in Migori and Nairobi.

Documents that could aid in an ongoing investigation on Obado’s hand in the misappropriation of Ksh.2 billion county funds were obtained during the operation.

Obado is believed to have registered a number of companies under his family members. He is believed to own a multi million Casino in Australia.

He is also alleged to have transferred a lot of money to his children a broad.


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