Diamond’s WCB Records in trouble! Could lose license

Tough days ahead for the WCB record label which is under Diamond Platinumz after the Tanzanian Art Council has threatened to revoke their music license if they will not comply to the rules and conditions set for Tanzanian artists by the Government.

The Council has issued a statement a day after the  meeting between , WCB representatives, Rayvanny, and among other bodies that deal with cyber crime.

As at yesterday, the WCB team was fined 9 Million Tanzanian Shillings and the council insisted that the ban is still on.

BASATA also gave a number of conditions and warned WCB that failure to comply to the conditions will lead to the revoking of their music license.

The conditions given by the Council are;

To remove the song from the YouTube Platform saying that the time they gave them to do so was over. Last evening WCB made the ‘Mwanza’ song unavailable in their country. The song however remains accessible  across their borders.

WCB has been asked to submit the lyrics of the ‘Mwanza’ song to BASATA today  14th November  by  4:00 pm

To pay a  fine of 3 million Tanzanian shillings each ( Rayvanny, Diamond na Uongozj wa Wasafi CTB) for being on the wrong side of the law.

BASATA revealed on their statement that failure to honor the conditions provided by the Council will result to the artists being locked out from involving themselves with art (music) in the country.

The stand and remarks by the council has attracted alot of reactions with some of the fans supporting this move with others against it.


Do you think WCB  will manage to comply to the BASATA rules in all their songs?

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