Details of Obado’s mansion [start with dining table], expensive apartment

Is this his own sweat or precedes of corruption? 

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Detectives have not let Migoru Governor Okoth Obado rest as they descended on his office and three homes in what was said could be linked to investigations into alleged questionable tenders totaling to over Sh2 billion.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) officers,  searched Obado’s homes in Nairobi, Migori and rural Rapogi, before moving to his office at the county headquarters in Migori. That aside, have you seen that mansion in his rural home? The dining table is what you start with.

His palatial house in Rapogi, some 20km from Migori town, was the main centre of attraction with the EACC officers numbering more than 10, taking positions at the gates and in the compound, attracting a large crowd of villagers. Mr Obado is out on a Sh5 million cash bail after he and his three aides were charged with the murder of University Student Sharon Otieno.

The officers are said to have taken away several documents and files from Obado’s office and homes. Although details of the raid and what EACC officers were looking for have been kept secret, it is public knowledge that they were searching for information that can help boost their case.

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From images available on adverts for his Nairobi’s Green Gardens Apartments, its is an expensive 3 bedroom apartment that one would pay a rent of KES 235,000 lovated along Hatheru Road in Lavington suburbs.


The fruits of their labour was evident when they managed to rearrest the governor on Wednesday in Nairobi. He is expected to be re arraigned in court soon for the latest fresh charged this time related to corruption and mismanagement of funds.

The gates of remand are waiting for him!

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It seems like the prayers of the governor who claimed he was in a crocodile’s mouth didn’t reach heaven. With all these allegations, things are not looking good for the Migori governor as he has been involved in scandals, one after the other.

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