The Benefits that Kalonzo is enjoying as Uhuru’s mtu wa mkono

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Just five days after President Uhuru Kenyatta hinted at an official government position for him, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s security detail has been restored at his three homes.

The security team was withdrawn during the heated presidential election last year, when the Raila Odinga-led National Super Alliance (Nasa) was locked in a brutal fight for the State House job with President Kenyatta’s Jubilee.

Mr Musyoka’s handlers Monday confirmed that the former vice-president now has General Service Unit officers guarding his Karen home, and administration police officers guarding his Yatta and Tseikuru rural homes.

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Mr Musyoka also received an enhanced mobile security detail, including a car with a siren to clear traffic.

Although he is entitled to the detail by virtue of having served as vice-president, Mr Musyoka’s security had become a political weapon, with the police officers being withdrawn whenever he refused to cave in to government pressure.

When he spoke at the funeral of Mr Peter Musyoka, the former vice-president’s father, in Tseikuru on Friday, President Kenyatta hinted at a job for the former VP.

“I am grateful that Raila has been given a job by AU … He will be able to contribute here and don’t you think he will bring some money to Kenya? My brother Kalonzo should (also) help us to bring the country together and foster peace for all Kenyans and even internationally. Every leader has something to contribute … all we need is to give each other space and respect one another!” President Kenyatta said.

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In his speech, Mr Musyoka all but accepted any such appointment.

“From today, in front of this crowd and before the clergy, I want to ask that no one come between President Kenyatta and me. Let no one come between my children and the President’s children. From today, I am President Kenyatta’s right-hand man, ” the Wiper leader told mourners.

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