“I will give you sh 1 million if I get Back with Otile Brown” Akothee Promises Jalang’o

Vera Sidika has placed a KSh1 million bet with Milele FM’s Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu, if she gets back with ex-boyfriend, Otile Brown.

Speaking to Alex and Jalang’o the socialite turned singer shared that she is a firm believer of second chances but is not willing to give her relationship with Otile another try.

“I don’t want Otile again, it’s done, you see you can only give someone a second chance, lakini ikifika ni kama imekuwa mchezo inakuwa si vizuri hata mimi mwenye nitadhrauliwa, alafu hata mimi, mwenyewe moyo ushakataa.”

Vera says that it is not her fault that the relationship ended and her intention of posting screenshots of their conversation was to clear the air.

“It was just meant to make things clear that we are no longer in a relationship and nikimove on ndo watu wasishangae kama namplay Otile,” added Vera.

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Asked on whether they can get back together, Vera said that that is a closed chapter to her.

“No, never, the door is closed and if we ever do, come for $10,000 (ksh. 1 million),”she said.

The on and off relationship between the two recently took a noisy nosedive after Vera accused the musician of asking for money.

For starters, Vera claims that the relationship was dead on the tracks before it took off after the Chaguo la moyo singer starting asking for money. A move she said was an immediate turn-off.

She adds that the ‘borrowing’ climaxed after they got back together following their much-publicised breakup when he allegedly asked for a Sh500, 000 loan as a top up for a brand new Mercedes Benz.

“As much as we love so deep. Women do find it a turn off when a man keeps asking for money. Regularly. From week two of dating, claiming he will refund & he never did. I have never even once in my life asked him for any money.This time it happened 2 days after reconciliation and it ended up looking like the only reason he came back was for the money. Because when I said I didn’t have 500k he went mute for 1 week and the next time I saw him he was claiming that relationship ain’t working.

“I refuse to be used financially or for fame. If such a person walks away coz u didn’t give them money …it’s more like good riddance,” she posted on IG.

Wait, there is more.

The Vera Beauty Parlour owner also claimed that she had been also supporting Otile’s ‘cousins’, paid for his studio sessions and flight bills.

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