‘Kizungu si mdomo changu’ Liverpool’s Keita apologises for not speaking English

Naby Keita believes he’ll be able to perform better once he can speak the language and communicate properly with his team-mates and the management.

The Guinean arrived at Liverpool without any English, which was slightly disappointing considering he knew about the transfer for 12 whole months beforehand his arrival from Rb Leipzig in Germany.

“I am following English courses and I am really, really motivated to speak English,” the midfielder said, reported in the Echo. “It is really important to me.

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“I want to be able to speak to the coach and I want to be able to speak to the other players in the team so I am really working hard.

“I hope that in six months I will be able to give interviews to you in English (instead of through a translator).

“I am finding the Liverpool accent a bit difficult to be honest, but I am trying my best. I don’t know much Scouse yet, but I have been told ‘boss’ means good.”

Form wise, Keita has struggled, largely down to niggling injuries, but also due to him having to learn new tactical demands under Jurgen Klopp.

Keita played just a few minutes yesterday and will annoyingly now head to international duty – where last time out he picked up an injury.

In terms of talent, he has the potential to become one of Liverpool’s very best players – and as supporters – we just can’t wait to see it.

What the Italian Doctors who treated Keita have said about Naby’s health

Our midfield has consistently failed to create chances for our attackers this term and Klopp has to had change formation and accommodate Xherdan Shaqiri into the starting XI in order to fix this.

Hopefully once Keita gets into the team, we’ll have another player capable of helping us transition the ball from back to front.

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