Militarizing and Politicizing Exams is Uncalled For – KUPPET Fumes at Government

Is the government’s apparent “militarization” of the ongoing National examinations called for? Well, according to the Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers, (KUPPET) the governments move is unnecessary.

The union, led by national chairperson Omboko Milemba, say that the presence of top government officials and politicians is not meant to curb cheating as the government put’s it. The union say’s that all these are meant to intimidate candidates.

Mr. Milemba also urged the government to leave monitoring of examinations to teachers.

“Exams should not be militarized, politicized, and over-hyped. There is no need of politicians who don’t understand issues of exams and education moving to classes that they’re flagging off exams,” said the KUPPET boss.

“Exam is not a safari rally that you flag off, an exam is a professional activity which requires professionals to deal with, and that is the teachers. You even don’t know how to stand infront of children when exams are about to begin, your posture alone is a threat to passing of exams.” added the seemingly infuriated KUPPET boss.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i had earlier allayed fears among Kenyans concerned about the ‘heavy militarisation of national examinations’.

He said the security personnel are doing a wonderful job in securing the tests and are in no way intimidating candidates writing the same.

“It sounds nonsensical. These are some of the silly things some petty people engage in as a country and we waste time on such stupid things,” said Matiangi.

“We are providing support to our children to do exams.”

He said he will continue ensuring all students and Kenyans at large are secure adding that there are contingencies in place for emergency situations.

“This is the level of delivery and performance the people of Kenya expect of us. And we will deliver clean exams,” he said.

Do you Support KUPPET’s plea to the government to stop militarization of examinations?

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