Johnstone Muthama Furious With Kalonzo For Imposing Himself as Uhuru’s Spanner Boy

Was Kalonzo right in declaring that he was going to be President Uhuru’s right hand man? This is the question many Kenyans have been asking since Friday when Kalonzo made the declaration.

Many have viewed Kalonzo’s declaration as that necessitated out of desperation with some saying that the political cold was getting unbearable to Kalonzo.

Former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama has weighed in on the debate. A seemingly furious Muthama took issue with Kalonzo’s decision to “impose” himself as President Kenyatta’s right hand man or as many put it “mtu wa mkono”

‘Nitakua mtu ya mkono ya Uhuru kuanzia leo.’ swore Kalonzo during his father’s burial in Tseikuru on Friday.

Kalonzo said that at his age, he cannot afford to gamble in politics. Kalonzo has been in the political cold since 2013. In the previous two general elections, the former VP was the running mate to opposition Chief Raila Odinga and in both instances, they lost to the duo of Uhuru and Ruto.

Kalonzo’s influence in the Ukambani region is something that cannot be ignored.

Kalonzo’s latest move might have just landed him a new job just like Raila Odinga’s handshake move did. According to multiple sources, Kalonzo Musyoka is poised to become a special peace envoy.

Sources close to State House have revealed that President Uhuru Kenyatta was considering appointing Kalonzo as a special envoy to mediate in conflicts locally as well as outside the country where Kenya’s help will be required.

While speaking at the burial of Kalonzo’s father in Kitui, President Uhuru Kenyatta fell short of announcing the appointment.

“Nashukuru kuwa Raila (Odinga) amepewa kazi kule AU…. ataweza kuchangia huko na hiyo pesa nyingi si ataleta hapa kwetu tu? Kuna ubaya hapo wenzangu? (Loosely translated: I’m grateful that Raila has been given a job by AU…He will be able to contribute here and don’t you think he will bring some money to Kenya? Is that wrong my brothers?).

“My brother Kalonzo should help us to bring the country together and peace for all Kenyans and even internationally. Every leader has something to contribute…all we need is to give each other space and respect one another!”,

Kalonzo appeared to suggest that he would accept the appointment if it came when he stood to give a vote of thanks.

Is Muthama’s apparent fury with Kalonzo warranted?


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