Is Governor Obado in contempt of court?

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Remember the rules Justice Jessie Lessit gave Migori County Governor, Okoth Obado? Well, it looks like the governor might have just broken one of them or actually two.


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Governor Okoth Obado today joined Deputy President William Ruto and other leaders for a marathon in honour of the late Nyeri Governor Dr. Wahome Gakuru who died in a road accident in November last year.

Speaking at the event held in Nyeri Town, Governor Obado once again asked for spiritual support saying that he was going through a time of tribulation after he was charged with the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno.

“I am very happy to be with you here today and as you can see, spiritually I am alright. Let me just ask that you continue praying for me because of this other problem I am facing,” said Governor Obado.

“My name has been greatly tarnished but my spirit remains intact, actually its even more stronger,” he added.

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Obado mentioned that he remembers the late Governor Wahome Gakuru as a great leader and close friend who was his lecturer at the university.

“We have a lot in common with the people of Nyeri. The governor whose life we are celebrating today was a lecturer of mine at one time and we became so close. I can even say that probably I am one of the people who inspired him to contest for governorship,” said Obado.

“My coming here today is to show solidarity with you and help the Deputy President cement that unity which we all cherish as Kenyans.”

Governor Obado said he would put his weight and that of his close his allies behind William Ruto’s campaigns and projects.

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However, the question in the mind of many Kenyans is, ‘what was Governor Obado doing in Nyeri?’

Isn’t his visit to Nyeri a violation of the court order given to him when he was granted bail on the Sharon Otieno murder case? In a ruling made by Justice Jessie Lessit, one of the conditions given to Obado for his bail was that he was to stay not further than 20 kilometers from his county of Migori.

Well, isn’t Nyeri not more than 20km away from Migori?

Other conditions for his bail were that he was not to miss any court session, he was not allowed to discuss the case or intimidate the family of Sharon Otieno. He was also ordered to surrender his passport.

While talking about his tribulations after facing murder charges, was the governor not discussing the murder case?

While making her ruling, Justice Lessit said that the court was at liberty to cancel the bail at any time if the governor did not adhere to the rules laid out by the court.

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