Revealed!!Hessy wa Dandora unveils himself

Hessy wa Dandora has come out to for the first time to set the records straight following Inspector General of police (IG) Joseph Boinett’s remarks that he is not a police officer.

The dreaded crime buster known for warning suspects and sharing their photos online before they meet their tragic deaths took to Facebook on Friday night, telling the public to be content with the response given by IG Boinett on his alleged link with the police service.

“Don’t ask me if am a police officer or not because the issue was clarified the other day by the Inspector General of police himself.” Hessy wrote.

“I’m a civilian with great interest in matters of security, kindly get satisfied with that or if I may ask, what did you expect the IG to say?” he added.

This comes after a viewer asked the IG  during a live interview at Citizen TV JKL to clarify if the dreaded crime buster Hessy has any links with the police.

This followed investigative piece by the Standard on Sunday alleged that Hessy is an Administration Police Officer based at the Dandora Phase 3 AP camp.

The IG however dismissed the claims, stating that he had heard of the person sharing things on social media and he was not a member of the National Police Service (NPS) and who according to the IG seems to have a lot of interest on security matters.

“I have heard some fellow who posts a lot of stuff on social media but I dont know what that viewer means when he talks about that chap having lots of security intelligence. No he is not one of our police officers. He’s just an excitable chap who seems to have a lot of interest in security issues,” said the Inspector General.

The mystery chap is believed to be behind Nairobi Crime Free’ and ‘Dandora Crime Free’ Hessy wa Dandora”, Hessy wa Kayole among others.

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