Utachomeka Pekee yako! Uhuru reveals ambitious plan to go to heaven

Do you want to go to heaven or you want to get burned in eternal fire?

Well am sure everyone wants to go to heaven but am not sure how you plan on achieving that. Well, at least I know how President Uhuru plans on getting there. So if you don’t have a way, then you should follow your president.

Uhuru wants to learn Kikamba language so that he is ‘not left behind’ in the journey to paradise. The President said this during the burial of Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s father, Peter Mairu at Tseikuru, Kitui on Friday.

This was after DP William Ruto said the bishop, who presided over the funeral mass, preached that ‘the only language that will be spoken in heaven is Kamba’.

“I think the bishop meant that Kamba, among other vernacular languages, will be spoken in heaven,” Ruto said.

When Uhuru stood to speak, he said he had missed the sermon but noted that he was ready to learn the language if that could take him to heaven.

“Sikuskia mahubiri yenu leo, nilishikwa na kazi. Lakini mimi pia ninaamini ya kwamba Mungu anaskia lugha zote. Labda anapenda Kikamba… You know, my bishop here knows… Labda amepatiwa sauti pahali. Kwa hivyo, hata mimi wacha nijifundishe Kikamba kidogo just in case… niweze kupenyea hapo… Wakamba wakipita, nami nipitie hapo…,” he said amid laughter.

Uhuru further emphasized the need for the country to remain united adding that leaders should respect one another. “We can’t accept that Kenyans should pour their blood because of ethnicity..every leader has something to contribute and all we need is respect…” he said.

“We are all Kenyans and we are going to serve our people! We must work together in order to deliver…and we must deliver as one!” The President said Kenyans should emulate the late Muiru who valued unity in the family and in the country.

“Yetu ni kusema ya kwamba tunataka kuiga mfano wa mzee huyu…the importance of family, keeping family united together and having love for your family,” he said.

Kalonzo’s father died at the Nairobi Hospital on October 29 aged 94. During the service, ODM party leader Raila Odinga said the recent wave of violence and persistent noise that has rocked county assemblies must come to an end,

Raila was reacting to the latest infighting within assemblies that have resulted in impeachment motions.

“There is something going on in the counties that are so annoying. You hear that governors have been impeached, maces stolen. people are fighting everywhere,” he said.

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