End of road for rogue miraa’s transporters!

Miraa transporters who will flout  traffics rules starting next week prepare to be apprehended by police

The vehicles are notorious in moving with very high speeds

The move to resurrect the Michuki Rules is aimed at curbing road carnage which tend to spike during festive seasons.

The rules include fitting the vehicles with speed governors, capped at 80km/h, and seat belts – Some would also have to repaint their vehicles to include the yellow line with route details

The grandmother of all crackdowns on Public Service Vehicles (PSV) scheduled to commence on Monday, November 12, will not spare the fast moving vehicles ferrying Miraa

Speaking in Kirinyaga County on Friday, November 9, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination, Karanja Kibicho, said the government was committed to restore sanity in the public transport by reviving the dreaded Michuki Rules.

Kibicho reminded drivers and PSV operators to ensure they meet the laid down requirements before commencement of the crackdown. “Not only will we arrest the drivers and the conductors but we will also arrest the passengers boarding already full vehicles,” warned Kibicho.

Among other key requirements include speed governors, seat belts, uniformed staff and a yellow line on the vehicles. Owners of PSVs are required to employ drivers and conductors on permanent basis and issue them with uniforms and badges. In addition, all drivers be expected to undergo a medical check after every two years to ascertain whether or not they are fit to stay behind the wheels.

The drivers are also expected to have a recently taken picture of themselves suspended in the front cabin of the vehicle. PSV operators who would not have fitted their vehicle with seat belts by the stipulated deadline would be in violation of the traffic rules and would be fined KSh 500 per missing or faulty seat belt.

The non-compliant vehicles would also be at risk of being impounded and the owners would be staring at several other penalties.


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