Why Michuki Rules Failed and Might Fail Again

Michuki rules are back, the question many are asking is if they are back to stay forever and if the people will completely adhere to them.

Stakeholders in the transport industry feel like the government is fighting a dead fight and in fact lying to Kenyans since it is the same government that has got rogue officials who made sure the rules did not work in the first place.

Matatu operators say unless there is proper education on how the rules will be effected, the government is just but blowing hot air.

“Who is going to enforce the laws?” posed Matatu Owners Association chair Simon Kimutai.

“Is it the same police who are extorting and offering protection to rogue operators? We support the laws but we are sure after one week it will be back to business as usual.”

According to a section of Kenyans, the government enforcing agencies slept on their job with regards to ensuring complete adherence to the now famous Michuki rules.

In an exclusive interview with Jeff Koinange, Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet said that the plans to reintroduce the Michuki rules was well on course and that his boys were ready to deal with anybody violating the set traffic rules.

He revealed that matatu graffiti are going to be a thing of the past as the new traffic regulations call for their complete eradication.

He said he supports art and in fact love’s it but only had  issues with graffiti due to the fact that some of it celebrate gangsters or violence.

“I celebrate our culture and I love art. But not one that celebrate gangsters or violence!” said Boinnet.

We have seen matatus with graffiti of famous musicians and at times drug Lords like El Chapo and Pablo Escobar. It is such graffiti that the IG is so much against. He said that his boys will deal with any matatu operator that will not adhere to the new set rules.

Matatu owners have therefore been forced to go back to garages ahead of the November 12, deadline of ‘Michuki rules ‘crackdown.

The Michuki regulations require Matatus to have only one colour and a continuous yellow line painted on the sides, back and front.

According to the ‘Michuki rule’,Matatus and taxis are to be painted with a consistent yellow band that is 15 centimetres wide and easily identifiable from 275 metres away.

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