Shocking number of witnesses aligned to testify against Obado

This week, he has really politically rocked in his county with Deputy President William Ruto but do you think his problems are over? Migori governor Okoth Obado’s problems might have just started despite his release on bail.

More than 30 witnesses have been lined up to testify in the murder case against him and two others.

Detectives from the homicide team investigating the murder of Mr Obado’s girlfriend Sharon Otieno said they have more than 30 witnesses and that “more may still be brought on board depending on the investigations that are still ongoing.” Will he really survive the case?

According to Nation, some of the individuals who had been arrested in connection with the killing of the Rongo University student were now being treated as witnesses.

The suspects are Mr Obado, his personal assistant Michael Oyamo and a Migori county government clerk, Mr Caspal Obiero.

The detectives confirmed that former Kanyadoto MCA Lawrence Mula and taxi driver Jack Gombe, who had earlier on been arrested in connection to Ms Otieno’s killing and her abduction together with Nation journalist Barrack Oduor, are being treated as witnesses.

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Mr Oduor, who jumped out of the abductors’ vehicle at Nyangweso market on the fateful night of September 3, is the key witness.

The detectives are also looking for three suspects they believe are crucial in unravelling the murder of Ms Otieno.

They have extended the search for the fugitives to both Uganda and Tanzania, hoping to bring to book those who raped, stabbed and strangled, her and her unborn baby.

Last Week, Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss George Kinoti said he could not reveal more on the regional hunt, fearing that it might compromise the search.

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“What is I can say is that they won’t have any place to hide. We are on their trail,” he said.

The detectives also arrested Mr Grado Kithine Ocholla saying had been adversely mentioned by witnesses.

A Kiambu court allowed police to detain Mr Ocholla for 10 more days.

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Mr Obado was released from Industrial Area prison after three weeks following a ruling by Judge Jessie Lessit that evidence linking him to the murder of Ms Otieno and her unborn baby was so far only circumstantial, but don’t you think that the witnesses may turn him down?

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