SHOCKING! Joseph Boinett disclosed that mysterious cop Hessy wa Dandora is not a police officer

Inspector General of Police (IG) Joseph Boinett has disclosed that mysterious cop, Hessy wa Dandora is not a police officer.

In an interview with Citizen TV’s JKLive, Boinett said that he had heard of the person sharing things on social media and he was not a member of the National Police Service (NPS)

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The IG further stated that Hessy was only a person who according to him seems to have a lot of interest on security matters.

“I have heard some fellow who posts a lot of stuff on social media but I dont know what that viewer means when he talks about that chap having lots of security intelligence. No he is not one of our police officers. He’s just an excitable chap who seems to have a lot of interest in security issues,” said the Inspector General.

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Boinett spoke after a viewer asked him to clarify if the ‘Hessys’ who have been killing suspected criminals in cold blood had connections to the police force.

“Ask IG if he knows the Hessys. “Hessy wa Dandora”, Hessy wa Kayole etc, and their connection to the police. They usually have a lot of security intelligence,” asked the viewer only identified as Brian.

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On Sunday, a report by Standard disclosed that Hessy wa Dandora was an Administration Police officer based at the Dandora Phase 3 AP camp.

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Hessy Wa Dandora alongside other said police officers run various anti-crime Facebook pages with pseudonyms, and are known to give warnings to those suspected to be criminals and gang members by sharing their photos on Facebook pages ‘Nairobi Crime Free’ and ‘Dandora Crime Free’ among others.

Hessy Wa Dandora is not a police officer – Joseph Boinett

A good number of those warned have ended up dead.

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