Tanzanian Art Council distances itself from Harmonize’s woes in Kenya

The Tanzanian Art Council reacted to Harmonize’s trouble in  Kenya saying that they did not approve his performance in Kenya and were not even aware about it. It is news that they only saw on social media.

The council also added that Harmonize violated the law in which he was supposed to follow up a procedure with the council even before he travelled to Kenya for his performance in Eldoret.

In addition , the art council is quoted to have said that they could not intervene on this issue since he was not licensed before he went ahead and made his trip to Kenya.

The council revealed that Harmonize proves to be among the artists who ignore the procedures that are required before an artist goes to perform to another country.

The National Arts Council of Tanzania (BASATA) is a government agency for the revival, promotion and development of the arts in Tanzania. The Council strives to nurture an artistically conscious and active Tanzanian who is motivated to fully participate in the production and consumption of good art.

BASATA facilitates the production and consumption of good art works and services.

The Council spoke about this matter days after the artist claimed that he was duped by his promoter.

According to the acting secretary of BASATA, Godfrey Mngereza, it is complicated for them to be of help to Tanzanian Artists who ignore these procedures only to be faced with troubles in foreign countries. Many artists when leaving at the Airport claim that they are going on personal trips yet they are going for other agendas.

The event in which Harmonize was to perform was a total fail as  the venue was left empty hours after chaos erupted leading to some fans ending up injured. Harmonize failed to turn up.

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