Kenyan Man Who Won Drunkard of the Year Award.

Among the things that can cause the downfall of a man, Alcohol comes in at the top three. The rest are women and money.

Alcohol has thrown most people off the frame many times. This is a common trend in most places especially on Fridays. Since it is a weekend most people have an extra coin which they choose to spend by hanging out on different spots.

Most people end up drunk that they even forget themselves and start doing the unimaginable things.

A Video has emerged online of a completely drunk Kenyan Man that got so drunk that he couldn’t do anything but crawl himself away from his troubles.


According to a Survey by NACADA, Nairobi has highest rate of alcohol consumption. Nyanza and North Eastern have the lowest consumption rate.

Central Kenya also has one of the lowest rates, highlighting the success of the ongoing anti-drinking campaigns.

The Nacada data shows North Eastern and Nyanza have the lowest rate of 2.0 and 10.2 per cent respectively. Central is third with a prevalence rate of 10. 6 per cent compared to Nairobi, Eastern, Western and Rift Valley, which have 17.5, 14.3, 13.4 and 13.2 per cent respectively.

North Eastern, Nyanza and Central Kenya are below the national average, which stands at 12.2 per cent.

The study that is released every five years targeted Kenyans between 15-65 years in 3,362 households across the eight regions (former provinces in the old constitutional dispensation).

The reduction in Central follows an intensified fight, two years after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered elected leaders and county commissioners from the Mt Kenya region to crack down on the drinking menace.

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