Zari: My father is not homeless


Is it too hard for people to mind their own business  instead of jumping into conclusion over petty judgement and rumors. Somehow jumping into conclusions and judging others seems to be the best option to many.

On the streets of social media, you will see it all, many users are always ready to pounce on people’s posts and comment with petty reactions in the name of humor and sometimes this could go wrong in many ways.

Over the weekend, Ugandan Businesswoman and beauty Zari Hassan went to her rural home to visit her father and part of her visit she also went to the farm.. City girl becomes Village girl for a  day and fans can’t keep calm

Her page was flooded with excitement from fans and those of rare opinion only saw the house in the photo and it is obvious that many concluded that it was Zari’s father’s home.


Comments flooded in with some asking her to build her father a decent home..have a look…


Build a house for your Dad


Wait is that dad’s house at the background?!?!

A couple reactions  from fans also criticized Zari Hassan saying that with all the money, she seems to have  failed to build a decent home for her father.

Zari Hassan however  fired back and gave some sought of clarification  after these comments, shaming her fans for commenting without even knowing whether that is the house in which the dad lives in or not.

These reactions were simply based on what people could make out of the photos and decided to be judgmental about it.

In Kenya, Gospel Singer Bahati also went through the same criticism when he shared photos on his visit to his grandfathers place. Although it is unclear whether he responded to the comments or not.

Zari on the other hand could not spare them…

zarithebosslady@gilbertngetich who said he doesn’t have one, or is it just because I didnt post it? Smh



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