Dp William Ruto Pays Ksh100,000 for Cup of Tea [PHOTOS]

Deputy President William Ruto paid Ksh100,000 for tea in a kibanda. According to former Kakamega Senator Bonni Khalwale, the DP had gone to the kiosk to have tea with other leaders during his tour of Kakamega County. Susan Mugasi who owns the kiosk where the DP and other VIPs took tea served them the tea and the bill amounted to Ksh250 but the DP paid her Ksh100,000.

Yesterday a lucky Susan Mugasia served tea worth Sh250 to William Ruto and these VIPs at her kiosk at Shianda market in Kakamega. The Deputy President gave her Sh100,000 and told her to keep change,” Khalwale tweeted.

Through his Twitter account the DP had posted photos of himself and the other leader taking tea and chapati at the kiosk.

He tweeted: While taking refuge when the rains disrupted our public meeting at Shianda, Mumias, Kakamega County, we enjoyed nice tea and chapati at Mama Susan Mkhasia’s kiosk.”

He had earlier on met residents in Shianda, Kakamega County where he championed for youth and women empowerment.

Youth and women empowerment is key to a country’s progress and achieving equity. They are the nucleus of society and we require their energy, focus and resource to power development and address our needs,” the DP stated.

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