Diamond extends an olive branch to Ali Kiba


For the longest time, Tanzanian star Diamond Platinumz seemed to have been a rival of Ali Kiba or in simple terms the two seemed to be in  constant competition with each other.

Fans seemed to take sides too.. You were either team Kiba or Team Wasafi but today, Diamond has called upon the artist and invited him to be part of the Wasafi Festival.

Their taste of music almost similar, yet the two have had their own achievements and hurdles. The Bongo stars are both celebrated in their hometown and are making it big in the industry.

The Wasafi Festival was officially launched last year but was only an event that was held in the Tanzanian circles. This year, however,  Diamond Platinumz announced that it will be an event that will spread across different countries.

Wasafi Festival 2018 will be held at Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi, on 31st of December and the artists who will make it lit on this day are; Diamond Platinumz, Mbosso, Harmonize, Rayvanny, Queen Darleen, LavaLava among others.


During a press conference which was held today by the Wasafi TV officials, Diamond insisted that this festival will be a festival for all. It will involve all artists without any form of discrimination.

“To prove that this is a festival for all, even my brother Ali Kiba, I would like to see him involved in this festival” He said

This festival will also enable the organizers to hold competitions to identify talent and have an initiative to offer support as a way off giving back to the society.


” Na kwa kudhihirisha kwamba hili ni Tamasha la Kwetu wote, Mpaka Kaka yangu @officialalikiba ningependa kumuona anashiriki katika @wasafifestival_” – @diamondplatnumz

Tutapita kwenye Vivutio mbalimbali vya kitalii, na @wasafifm itakuwa ikirusha kila Update zitakazokuwa zinaendelea maeneo tutakayopita na Tayari timu ya kwanza ishajiandaa kwenda kuanza kutia Chumvi kabla sisi hatujaingia Rasmi

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