PESA YETU!! KOT Up in Arms As Harmonize’s Concert FLOPS

Ever planned and worked so hard towards achieving something only to be later let down by an individual you trusted, let’s say a friend? Well, such is the story of Bongo Star Harmonize.

Despite being given a heroic welcome in Eldoret town, singer Harmonize was a disappointed man last night after unscrupulous Kenyan promoters duped him.

Kenyans took to social media to air their dissatisfaction in the manner with which the much hyped “Chaget Festival” that was set to be headlined by the Wasafi signed artist went down.

It is believed that there was actually no show after Harmonize failed to turn up. His reasons? well, the events organizer cum promoter apparently did not pay the Bongo Star as they had agreed.

Harmonize’s heroic welcome in Eldoret

Earlier signs indicated that Harmonize was willing to perform as he had even shared photos of him doing sound check at the events venue.

Some Kenyan promoters have been known to be very unprofessional. These are the same promoters that do not honour contracts between them and artistes. This year alone has seen mega stars like Tiwa Savage and Everton Blender complain of being short-changed by Kenyan promoters.

The Harmonize case should therefore be a wake up call to all the other artistes out there that plan to do business with Kenyan promoters. In fact, some Kenyans have called on Harmonize for not taking his time to do a thorough background check on the said promoter that duped him.

Some have even called for the police to act with speed and arrest the con-promoter.

Do you think Harmonize was right not to perform?

Here are some of the reactions from angry Kenyans:


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