Wrap up: Maribe released ,Recce squad walks free, Jowie “male slay queen” retained.

what is the best memory you have in this weeks corridors of power and justice?

All eyes were keen on Monica Kimani’s murder case. Most people were keen to see the course of justice. A new twist came through.


The famous TV queen, Jacque Maribe who was also linked to the murder of Monica Kimani , was granted bail. The judge decided to send her home with a cash bail of 2million. The TV queen was burred from anchoring news during the entire time as she waits to be back in the court.

Also the week gave rise to a new word that has been trending throughout the week. “Male slay queen” Justice James Wakiaga used the word to describe Joe Irungu alias Jowie for lack of a better word. It did not end their, “woman eater” was also introduced to describe Jowie who was denied bail. The said Jowie is a flight risk that can scare away witnesses for his ability of handling guns.

But Jowie was allowed to receive treatment at Kenyatta National hospital. His bail hearing will be heard later.

The hope of justice deemed with the release of Recce squad officer Jennings Orlando Odhiambo. The prosecution intends to turn him into a state witness. This might bury Jowie as Jennings is his close friend and it is believed they were together in the night of the murder.

Justice Wakiaga  was also on the receiving end as most of the top judicial brains were pushing for him to excuse himself from the case. Mutahi Ngunyi and Ahmednasir Abdulahi accused Justice Wakiaga for using pedestrian terminology to preside over a murder case.

All those are the new twists in the murder case of Monica Kimani which the family is trying to establish why their daughter was brutally murdered. Monica Kimani is believed to have been running a number of businesses in South Sudan.

Justice will not be served as soon as the family expected.



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