Government hits at foreigners for lifting ban of Rhino horns

There are about 540 rhinos currently  left in Kenya, a number which could decrease rapidly if poaching is not combated.

The government has reprimanded China over their resolution to reverse the ban on rhino horns and tiger bones.

Do you think China is getting back after Kenya banned fish import from China?

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, China’s move to overturn the embargo will only work to encourage rhino horn traffickers.

A statement by the Ministry perceived that although Kenya had made breakthroughs in preserving rhinos, the decision by the Chinese government would rapidly lower the number of animals in the country.

“Based on the experience in the ivory business for the last  25 years, legalized trade has proven ineffective in stemming elephant poaching in Africa,” the statement read in part.

“It will not discourage existing illegal syndicates driving this trade,” the Ministry further observed.

The statement also noted that China was using the false beliefs that rhino horns hold medicinal value, something that is yet to be proven.

“Allowing rhino horns to be marketed as medicine is dishonest and sends mixed messages to the marketplace at a time when a single clear message needs to be communicated to the billions of potential customers,” the Ministry pointed out.

Traditional Asian cultures believe that using certain animal parts aids in the treatment of various illnesses.

On Monday, China declared that it would allow trade in the imperiled species’ products for medical and research purposes.



Early this week ,Kenya banned fish importation from China the move which was a bow to  the Asian country ,the  China’s Acting Ambassador Li Xuhang confirmed Kenya’s department of fisheries had served their consulate with a letter imposing the ban of importation of fish from its market.

“We have received a letter from the department of fisheries canceling all fish importation applications from China. The move is shocking and we could respond to it the way we did with the US after it imposed tariffs on goods from our markets,” Xuhang said.

The department of fisheries was prompted to make the notice by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposal to government officials to devise creative means to ensure Chinese fish which had flooded local market does not get into the country.

Should Kenya cut ties with the China government?


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