Celebrities come to Congestina’s rescue after video goes viral

Kenyan Celebrities have come to Congestina Achieng’s rescue  after a video of her in a pitiful state went viral.

Comedian and TV host Chipukeezy took to social media to ask for anyone with information on her whereabouts should inform him and she will be helped.


HATUWEZI CHOKA..Ata kama unajua mahali anaishi niambie twende hapo…Conje Atakua Sawa???


If you have any idea where i can get her , please let me know. We will help her


Who do we blame, when we watch our brightest stars fall? I start the blame with the family / direct beneficiaries of “the good life”. The inner circle / support system should be exactly that. I don’t know the inside story here, but let’s start looking there. It’s always easy to blame the government first, but kikulacho…

These reaction from celebrities comes after Gospel Artist Daddy Owen  who was moved by this video called out on other Kenyans to do something..


Kenyans had earlier weighed in saying that several videos have been shared for a long time yet no one seems to be reaching out to help her the only thing that is done is exposing the sports star to sympathizing comments.

The move by the celebrities to take action has been applauded by Kenyans and even went ahead to urge that they should not only concentrate on the boxing star but also other people out there who might need similar help.

The  misfortunes of the female boxer Congestina Achieng’, once the pride of Kenya in the boxing field, began when she was reported to be ailing after many blows to her head.

About 6 years ago, Congestina was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder/paranoid schizophrenia and was admitted at Mathari Hospital in 2012, after she drifted into a psychotic episode.

Daddy Owen has revealed on his Instagram that the government had tried to help her and it is unclear what happened in between but he has vowed that they will not get tired from helping her.

Part 2:LETS HELP CONJE! Just from a call with @chipukeezy according to him Gava really tried to help.. but hatuwezi choka.. she’s our sister/mum/daughter. So I told @chipukeezy Let’s do something to help and he has a very good idea but he says he really wants her contacts coz ametry kumtafuta but hawezi mpata.. anyone with her contacts or anyway we can find her?

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