I am embarrased with President Kenyatta, Says Moses Kuria

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Moses Kuria is at it again with his “loose mouth” and this time attacking the President like who does that,  bet Moses Kuria got gats.


Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has now declared openly how apparently is embarrassed with President Uhuru’s decision regarding the 2022 Presidential Election.

The legislator who happens to be the president’s home area member of Parliament said that Uhuru’s sentiments on his stand come 2022 was rather embarrassing.

He further added saying that he was not pleased with what the President had been talking about while in his interviews with media houses on 2022 exit plan.

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Kuria, who is a a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto, says the president has given enough interviews and should not answer those questioning whether or not he will retire in 2022.

According to Kuria, “I actually feel embarrassed that the president had to answer the question about his retirement time despite him having spoken about it and saying he will retire.”

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Yes Moses Kuria was embarrassed!!

In addition he said, “This debate did not come up when Daniel Moi was going, I never heard it when Mwai Kibaki was retiring, why now?”

A section of lawmakers from Central Kenya claim that President Uhuru Kenyatta is ‘too young to retire’ adding that he remains the regional kingpin.

But in the interview with CNN, Uhuru rubbished calls to have him remain in office post 2022, adding that he ‘doesn’t have such plans’.

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“I am not interested. Even if such an offer comes, I will not take it. It’s a no and I won’t attempt to change my position,” he told Richard Quest.

There is a section of politicians who think Mr Kenyatta is too young to retire. Notably, Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata said at the weekend that Mr Kenyatta will still be the kingpin of the Mt Kenya area even after his term ends.

President Kenyatta also explained why he entered a truce with his counterpart Raila Odinga, clearing speculations that he was preparing him for the 2022 succession, however he noted saying that their agreement was a way of facilitating economic development and transitioning the country from perpetual politics.

Seems like Uhuru’s refusal to vie for a third term  has got the Mt.Kenya leaders confused over who will take over from President Kenyatta as their Kingpin.

This is where now the leaders are pushing for amendment of the constitution so that they can create positions that will also enable the the president to continue leading the country.

What do you think of Moses Kuria’s embarrassing sentiment?


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