VIDEO: President Uhuru reveals his plans after 2022

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that he is planning to leave office in 2022. He maintains that he is not interested in extending his tenure after his term expires in 2022.

The President was speaking in an exclusive interview with CNN’s business news anchor and reporter Richard Quest who has been in Kenya recently.

The President in an interview cited that he would not take another stab at the presidency, even if granted the chance to do so.

His statements came as a response to CNN’s Richard Quest in a question regarding plans to change the Constitution.

“I’m not interested in serving another term. I will not take up the chance even if everyone wanted me to.”

Uhuru maintained that he was not by any chance seeking to change the constitution to aid him cling unto power come the year 2022.

There is an ongoing national debate on whether the country would hold a referendum to change the structure of government.

The conversation has sparked speculation of a plan to have Uhuru stay in the helm after the changes. He denied the claims.

Uhuru said he is keen to steer the country to achieve its development agenda hampered by the chaotic 2017 general elections.

The president reiterated his commitment to save Kenya from the “cyclic chaotic events staged anytime there is an election.”

“Kenya is always a gentle and loving country except for when there is an election. This is the belief we are trying to come out of,” he said.

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“As we strive to work and partner with our brothers in the opposition our main focus is to put Kenya first.”

The Head of State further defended the country’s relations with China saying measures are in place to control foreign debt.

He also dismissed claims that Kenya is over-borrowing from China adding that the State gets funds from other nations as well.

Uhuru cited the US, African Development Bank, France’s AfD, Japan, and the World Bank as some of the partners.

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“I am not worried about us borrowing, my only worry would be if that debt goes to interfere with our current expenditure,” he said.

“Our focus for now is to close the infrastructure gap in terms of roads and railway lines while creating businesses and employment for our youth.”

Uhuru said: “We are familiar with all arguments about China and their loans, but why focus only on one lender when we have a mix of lenders like Japan, France and USA?”

He said Kenya is ready and willing to partner with any country that will help it achieve its development agenda.

Still on politics, the president said: “We don’t always have to agree on everything as leaders but we can all agree to put Kenya first.”

However, political analysts led by Mutahi Ngunyi have maintained that the new constitution structure will create a premiership post for President Uhuru, and a ceremonial president post for Opposition Chief Raila Odinga.

Analysts maintain that Uhuru is too young to retire from politics and as a result will become the prime minister in 2022. Do you agree with analysts that Constitutional changes are aiming at creating new positions for Uhuru and Raila?

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