US flight a success? Still a long way to go

Its all pomp and color as Kenya Airways celebrates their first inaugural direct flight to New York and back. The business hub in Kenya is vastly increasing day by day with developments everywhere. We truly celebrate Kenya’s achievements towards developments.

Well ,not to be the one to burst your bubble in all this excitement but lets think one moment of where we are regarding our infrastructure development .

Kenya airways has opened doors internationally and many international corporations would want to dig in to be part of this pomp and color because Kenya right now is a juicy investment hungry investors with big cheques would want to come and have a piece of.

Stay with me now , JKIA has been our fastest port of entry for decades now but has the airport grown as fast a the county’s development?

Well leme enlighten you, JFK was constructed in the early 1940’s to relieve the La Guardia Airport that was constructed earlier on.

They designed a plan for each major airline at the airport to be given its own space to develop its own terminal which made construction more practical, made terminals more navigable, and introduced incentives for airlines to compete with each other for the best design.

Mean while JKIA was constructed in the late 1950’s and it had been designed for a maximum capacity of 2.5 million passengers a year  . Its true by the mere fact that JFK was constructed a decade before means that development would be vast for New York rather than Nairobi but surely didn’t they think that population and development would increase?

Currently the government is working hard to finalize on plans to add an extra terminal 4 due to excess in while currently JFK has a total of 9 terminals where each airline has its own terminal and space for expansion.

Unfortunately i think we have dragged in infrastructural and economic development but i commend the government in trying to work at increasing infrastructural development .

As for JKIA which is seeking to expand its territory and become the one of the busiest in Africa serving as a major hub in East Africa for cargo and tourist passengers,I hope this will be a major priority because we are  business hub and in 5 years time our development and interaction with the outside world will be tipple.

Well , do you think we are on the right track as Kenya in infrastructural development?


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