Comedy Master Churchill celebrated on his big day

Today marks a big day for Kenya’s comedy master, the man who has turned Kenyans to laughing machines; Churchill has today celebrated his 41st birthday.

He rose to fame in this industry and chose  not to rise alone.. he has mentored.. he has done his best to keep the industry alive.

Churchill  whose real name is Daniel Ndambuki, has been the pillar of real Kenyan Comedy for the longest time and is among the comedians who have grown their talents and used it to support others and even propelled them and linked them to their purpose and major achievements.

If you think comedy is an easy job ask Churchill, he has probably seen it all.  It is not easy to make a crowd laugh it i a tricky industry to be in since one might as well end up being the joke after cracking a dry joke.


But did he give up? No… he is a comedian that has thrived in this industry and remains relevant all the way from 1996.

Clearly with his team they have been doing Kenyans justice when it comes to giving you all the reasons to laugh. After all what is life without comedy and fun?

Churchill has been described as a dad, mentor and all those big titles which he totally deserves.

Kenyan celebrities have joined in to give him a memorable day with flooding messages online.



This one the Kenyan comedian whose talent was nurtured under Churchill Show, he calls him papa and today, he thanked him for his guidance and believing in him. Chipukeezy is currently a Tv host of his own show which is always aired on Ebru TV.


Your support , your guidance and most of all believing in me means everything to me.To me you are more than a great dad an inspiration a teacher and a great friend ?. Happy birthday papa @mwalimchurchill

Other wishes continued to stream in as no one wanted to be left behind on making a toast.


Join us in wishing @mwalimchurchill a Happy Birthday on Behalf of @kabusimon , @sarahkabu and @bonfireadventures team we Wish you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Happy birthday! #HappyBirthdayChurchill



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