Insanity!! tithe to be deducted from faithful’s salaries

Should the government deduct tithe from salaries?

Ugandan Catholic Church  priest wants the  government to deduct tithe from faithfuls’ salaries.

Speaking during the church service on Sunday, the Archbishop Dr Cyprian Kizito of the Kampala diocese said that same of the congregate constantly fail to pay tithe adding that everyone should give out 10 % of their income as suggested in the Bible

The Archbishop made proposal that the government should deduct monthly tithe from the monthly salaries of the congregates.

He also analyzed that the routine of placing tithe in baskets was not only getting tedious, but it also had a number of cons which the church aimed to eliminate.

The question of tithe has been a sensitive topic all over and in Kenya, church goers are growing increasingly reluctant to dish away large sums of money for the church.

This is for the simple fact that many of the men and women of the cloth have been known to live very lavish lifestyles and this has been said to be at the expense of congregates who keep contributing for their faith.

At the same time, churches which are genuinely trying to progress and grow their ‘flock’ have had a hard time doing so because of the skeptical faithfuls who are unwilling to take out too much from their pockets for the church for fear of indirectly being extorted in the name of God.

Uganda Catholic Church wants government to deduct tithe from faithfuls’ salaries

Tithing should be personal decision, however their are some preachers who force their “sheep”to take loans to give offering.

Congregations are having a tough time being consistent in their offerings and tithing as most of them live on shoe-string budgets.

Churches, mosques and other religious groupings worldwide depend on the goodwill of their congregations and sponsor institutions to run their activities.

Majority of churches in Kenya are not ‘churches’ but business entities.

Most churches in Kenya are run by family members where you get a husband is a bishop, wife a pastor, a daughter a secretary and another relative an accountant or treasurer.

In Kenya, the easiest and shortest way to instant riches is to set up a church, threaten people with hellfire and hailstones and you will have them trooping at the ‘holy altar’ with cash and ‘presents’ including tithes that are supposedly given to God himself.

The fact is that church has lost meaning in Kenya and its only relevance is that it gives the poor the hope of seeing tomorrow on an empty stomach and assures the rich that they will surely pass through the hole of the needle.

There are churches in Kenya that receive millions of shillings every Sunday that are channeled directly to the accounts of their owners.







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