Richard Quest Requested to Visit the Hyenas at Kenya’s Parliament

From having breakfast with Giraffes, to indepth interviews in the country, Richard Quest has shown that he has not only blended easily with the Kenyan people, he has also demonstrated his love for the country.

Quest has visited various magical places and interacted with the Kenyan People. He has been amused by the wildlife in Kenya. At one time, he was so surprised to meet wild animals moving close to the city.

He saw a lion close to the city center and posted the same on his twitter page. This elicited various reactions with some tweeps calling on him to visit the Kenyan Parliament to meet the hyenas in there.

The hyenas here refer to the Kenyan members of parliament who have been known for their greedy nature. The Mps recently passed the Finance bill in very questionable fashion. The bill increased fuel prices hence leading to the increase in prices of other valuable and essential goods and services. Kenyans have never forgotten that move by their MPs whom many termed as betrayers.

It now so happens that the Kenyan Parliament will be a good place for Richard Quest and other international tourists to visit. Would you pay your money to see the hyena’s at Parliament?

Here are some of the reactions from the request made to Quest:

Richard Quest has been in the country from last week for some CNN coverage for his show Quest Means Business. He will leave the Country on Sunday as part of the delegation that will board Kenya’s first direct flight from Nairobi to New York this Sunday.

President Kenyatta will flag off the historic flight from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) after the airport secured a Last Point of Departure clearance earlier in the year.

President Kenyatta and other dignitaries will be part of the passengers in the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, featuring 30 fully flat business class seats and 204 economy seats.

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