Quest Bumps into Julie after their twitter drama

Media personalities Richard Quest and Julie Gichuru bumped into each  other  a day after their twitter drama. Julie Gichuru had got into trouble with Kenyans on twitter after she was shamed by Quest over claims that she had misquoted him. This obviously served as a lesson to most of us who share content even without verifying and getting facts on the same.

If a celebrated media personality can land herself into such  drama of sharing non factual content ‘ jua ni kubaya’. I blame it partly on this digital era and citizen journalism. It has become difficult to differentiate between opinionated stories and the accurate details somehow they are all mixed up these days.

Yesterday on a tweet, Julie wrote that Richard Quest was enjoying his stay in Kenya but ended up misquoting him…

“Nothing beats the service industry in Kenya. Here, I am surrounded by giraffes while having breakfast. In a country declared by the World Bank as the preferred investment destination in Africa, what else can I ask for? Kenya is magical!” tweeted Mr. Quest

Mr.Quest later came across Julie Gichuru’s tweet and was quick to correct her pointing out that he hadn’t made such a statement.

Earlier today, Mr Quest had an interview with Wildlife CS Najib Balala at the Nairobi National Park and that is where the two bumped into each other. They even hugged each other.. a moment to make up phew…

The CNN Journalist is in the country ahead of the inaugural Kenya Airways (KQ) direct flight from Nairobi to the US tomorrow where his show, ‘Quest Means Business’ will go live from Kenya as he prepares to join passengers on the inaugural Kenya Airways flight.

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