KOT Disappointed By Uhuru’s choices

President Uhuru Kenyatta cannot redeem himself in the eyes of Kenyans who say that the buck stops with him. The President has in his cabinet a group of men and women who have failed to deliver the government’s promises to its people.

Earlier in the year, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that he was committed to the fight against corruption saying that no one would be spared including his closest relatives and friends. Being his last term in office, Mr. Kenyatta unveiled his big 4 agenda that includes: Enhancing manufacturing, Food security & nutrition, Universal Health Coverage and Affordable Housing.

The big 4 agenda seeks to raise the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 9.2% to 20% as well as create 1.3 million manufacturing jobs by the year 2022. The plan will enable the working class and low income earners in business to own homes, provide universal health coverage for every Kenyan by scaling up the NHIF intake and finally, expand food production and supply to achieve 100% food security.

The Big 4 Agenda is a brilliant plan by the UhuRuto administration to push Kenya ahead and make it the Silicon Valley in Africa but with the current Cabinet Secretaries in office and the loopholes in the various ministries, is the Big 4 agenda achievable or just a dream that the President and his Deputy have painted in the minds of Kenyans?

How can the President fight corruption when his own people who are culprits of the vice are still in office?

According to reactions on Twitter, the Cabinet Secretaries have not failed the President but the President has failed Kenyans by appointing incompetent people with questionable integrity. Strings attached?

Do you think the President is serious about the war on graft?

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