“Sasa nimeamini Miguna Miguna ni mgonjwa”… have a look at this!!


Miguna Miguna, apart from being famous because he was deported,he is also famous for sending controversial tweets. At this rate, Kenyans have advised him to go for a mental check up. But at what point did he get this bitter?

Miguna Miguna, a notable, respected and qualified lawyer has recently made a very disturbing comment that has shocked Kenyans.

From a Kenyan-born author, columnist, attorney, and politician . Barrister and solicitor in Canada, and an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. A man who served as a senior adviser to former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga for about 3 years. Yet now Kenyans are lost for words to describe him.

Kenyans have said that in as much as he gives valid points sometimes. what is a complete turn off is how he tags insults in his messages.

How much time does Miguna Miguna have to react back and insult people who have an opinion that contradicts his? Worse even that he throws random insults to even the President and his Deputy.


Where does he draw the line? How does this impact the youth who actually look up to him as a leader?

It is indeed a major concern and although it might not look critical at this point.. things might take a whole new turn.

Normalizing such acts on social platforms  might cause us more harm than we know. It is now a practice among Kenyans to troll at anything or everything.

Somehow this brings us all to a realization… where do we draw the line? As individuals…

Back to our story, a few days after Raila’s landed his new job as AU here again was Miguna Miguna claiming that;

“Migingo Island in Migori County, Nyanza, where comes from, has been under UGANDA military occupation since 2008. Its residents are abused, abducted, tortured & killed. It has no INFRASTRUCTURE. Yet is the “head of Africa’s infrastructure?”



Kenyans got right back at him…

1. It’s barely a week since got the said appointment. Within a day or two he’s supposed to be solving problems? 2. Who’s mandate it is to secure our border? Under who’s command? On this, you are out of order. (As usual, I challenge you to respond without insults)

and even shocking that it got to this point….

George Manini Sasa nimeamini huyu Miguna ni mgonjwa


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