Why the Kenyan youth are now threat to big fish


Kenyan youth now pose a threat to the big fish after they today fearlessly joined in the war against corruption. It has been spoken by our leaders several times but the young blood now wakes up to ensure that action is taken.

This come at a time when  Kenyans seem to be giving up in the war against corruption and the challenge is how to sustain optimism in an environment where many have lost hope.

They plan on exposing corrupt leaders  and all the corrupt dealings. One Kenyan on the streets of social media stated that they are willing to die on the streets in this fight against corruption.

President Uhuru Kenyatta  a few months ago  said he that he was ready to lose more friends in the current war against corruption.

“I have lost close friends over the war on corruption. We must be ready to lose friends and do what is right in the eyes of God,” said President Kenyatta adding that the country stands on the threshold of transformation.

This is something that the youth are ready for, if loosing friends is what it takes..this new energy proves that they are prepared to be fully involved in kicking out corruption in the country.

We have had enough…

In a recent  public address, opposition leader who recently got a good deal in the AU also shared his sentiments on the issue of corruption…

Have a keen look at this photo. Imagine of this rare opportunity to meet the DP one on one & none of this youths saw the importance of talking to him & telling him something of substance to help them, but to take selfies.
Pics will not help
A bad disease#YouthKEAgainstCorruption pic.twitter.com/geELz3k8Vv

— Eric Ndemange (@_ericndemange) October 24, 2018

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