“Wakianika Tunafunika” fan boycotts nude photo of popular celebrity

A fan has today created a photoshop image of American artist saying that she is covering her with a dress. An act of kind act indeed but this raises concern as other fans on the streets of social media stated that nudity is not being a celebrity. Clearly everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this but this is not the first time popular artists have exposed themselves; only that it is now being normalized.

This comes after Cardi B has released her hyped jam money and fans think it qualifies to be the new twerking anthem. Is it a flop? No clearly they totally love it.

The new single titled ‘Money’ is the the first new solo music since her debut album Invasion of Privacy arrived in April.

She had announced the release of this song and she delivered right on time.


Have a look at the video….

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