Obado kisses Industrial area prisons goodbye.

Governor Okoth Obado in court

Governor Okoth Obado have been freed on a 5 million bail after staying in remand for over month.

Justice Lady Lessit freed Obado on a bail and denied the other co accused, Michael Oyamo and Caspal Obiero.

The governor was given conditions upon his release where the court has ordered him not to discuss matters considering his case. Obado has also been restricted not to get any near the family of Sharon’s family.

The governor is also required to give assurance of the same amount given to him as a bail by two people upon his release today.

The prosecution had opposed his release on bail citing interference with witnesses. The State also said he was a flight risk because, if convicted of the offence, he faced the death sentence.

The officer said Sharon was seven months pregnant and that DNA results had confirmed that Obado was responsible for the pregnancy. “I have confirmed that Sharon was tortured, raped and brutally murdered,” he said. A postmortem report indicated that Sharon died due to excessive bleeding after being stabbed in the neck, back and abdomen.

The family of Sharon had buried their dead last week with the hope that the court will offer justice to the brutally murdered. This contradicts to the earlier sentiments not to bury their dead daughter till justice is served.
The court has indicated that the case will be heard 2019, as the office of the prosecution also accumulates more evidence.


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