“JKL laundry services,” KOT reacts to Jeff Koinange ahead of his interview with Salva Kiir.

Jeff Koinange is headed to another laundry service. Jeff has been named a laundry journalist by Kenyans on social media.

This sentiments come weeks after Jeff Koinange interviewed South Sudan General Paul Malong and his son which is alleged a paid interview for Jeff to clean up the scandals facing the South Sudanese general.

Few weeks ago,  Malong Junior is currently living in Nairobi, posted  a video swimming in a Jacuzzi of money. The video went viral as the son of the south Sudanese General claimed that “God is the source of his wealth.”

Malong Junior also went on social media and declared that he is willing to support the University Officials(KUSO).

Jeff interview has raised a lot of eyebrows as  South Sudan has been in constant war since it gained independence as the rebel leader Riek Machar and Salva Kiir have not reached to solve their differences.

As a result of their disagreements has caused the people in the government to capitalise on the state of unsettlement in the country to loot and run dry South Sudan.

Through the documentary released by John Allan Namu, ‘Profiteers” it show cased  how the banks in Kenya and Uganda are involved in the looting of the money from South Sudan.  The government officials from both countries facilitated the looting of the money.

The government of Kenya and Uganda have not commented on the allegations even the banking institutions have since remained silence on the issue.

Jeff Koinange the celebrated has a lot to prove when he host South Sudan President Salva Kiir. This will interview will help re shape his legacy which is at stake for receiving a brown envelope to help Malong try and paint a new image for himself and distance from the on going money laundering cries from the people of South Sudan who are living in poverty.


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