Is Gospel Music a Retirement Plan For Secular Artists?

Rapper Cannibal has turned a new leaf and apparently joined the lucrative Kenyan gospel music industry. The Mombasa born rapper made his debut in the industry with a stunning collabo alongside indusrty heavyweigts like Dj Sadic, Holy Dave, Stonee Jiwee and Weezdom in the remix of Weezdom’s anthem titled “Kwani”

Cannibal is not the first secular artist to apparently see the light. He joins singer Size 8 who is wife to veteran gospel dj and TV host Dj Moh of System Unit. He also joins singer Amani, Lady Bee, Wahu among others.

The Mombasa-born rapper stunned the entertainment scene last year when he announced that he had seen the light.

“The reason why I went silent is because I was contemplating getting saved. I have been fighting with my spirit for a while now. My spirit wanted to know God but at the same time, I wanted the worldly things. I even went ahead and wrote some gospel songs,” said Cannibal in August last year.

He added: “It is the best decision I have made. Don’t expect to see me in clubs drinking. I am following what the Bible teaches.”

Many Kenyans have questioned secular artistes who join the gospel industry with some saying they are just being opportunistic. The Kenyan gospel industry has greatly grown over the past few years with the artistes apparently getting bigger pay cheques and living large compared to the secular ones.

Gospel artistes are chopping life. For instance, singer Bahati became the first East African Artist to own a reality TV show #BeingBahati on a major local TV station. He also own a state of the art record label and apparently lives a good comfortable life.

Willy Paul also has a studio and has never shyed away from showing off his wealth.

Could the secular artistes alo be eyeing a piece of the cake in the gospel world?


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