Hard -Knock Life! Governor Okoth Obado’s Journey

It all started with a press conference , on 12th September ,Migori County boss, accompanied by his wife, son and daughter,denied  involved in the murder of the 26-year-old university student who was seven months pregnant before her demise.


Governor Okoth obado and his family members during the press conference

Followed by his arrest and was arraigned in court

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 Stonned face Okoth Obado during court hearing at Milimani Law Court

Later he became government guest at the Industrial area prison

Followed by a series of court sections

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Disappointed Obado after he was denied bail

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He was remanded at the Industrial Prison

Okoth Obado Jail

Okoth Obado during his time Industrial area Prison

Governor Okoth Obado returns to court on bus used to transport prisoners

Migori governor boss arriving at the Milimani Law Courts  for his bail hearing and determination.

Finally his tastes freedom after spending one month at Industrial area Prison

Migori Governor breaks into a smile as he

 Obado breaks his smile after being freed on Ksh 5million cash bail






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