‘kibanda’ regulars, big up yourselves

Bachelor life comes with its own set of challenges i.e. washing dishes, washing clothes,cleaning the house and doing a lot more other thing that you wished someone else would help you with.

One of the most dreaded tasks to perform as a bachelor is cooking food. It can be cooking for many or just for yourself, but cooking has proven to be the most exhausting things to do. It’s one of those things you think thrice about before attempting, forget twice.

No matter how skilful you are in the kitchen, grabbing those sufurias and slicing onions is never fun. A bachelor would have an easier time climbing a chilly, snowy mountain than cooking.

There are days when you hype yourself and make a vow that you are going to prepare a toothsome meal, but when you think about washing the dishes, you become an ally of procrastination.

Hey, you know what would be fun? Two hours of preparing ingredients, cooking and thereafter washing all utensils until they shine bright like the diamonds Rihanna sings about,” – said no bachelor ever.

Whenever I don’t feel like cooking (which is most times), I prefer getting takeout food from one of the few restaurants in my estate.

It’s a costlier option than cooking but when necessity knocks on the door, good financial practices fly out of the window.

On one scenario that occurred recently of a work mate that made me put kibanda regulars on a higher pedestal is that he had a gruesome stomach experience.

He was gracefully walking out of the office building to take breather and buy some snacks when the aroma drifting from the kibanda was quite pleasant. Temptation kicked in straight away and his mouth watered.

I’ll admit it. I haven’t been to many kibandas. I never trust myself with kibanda food. The last time I visited one, my stomach turned into an active volcano.

I’ve had Kibanda-phobia ever since. But as they say, you are not a real man until you pulverize your fears. And by his story truly i will leave it to the champions.

He casually ordered matumbo chapo and  cleared it in record time then asked for a second helping. He cleared the second helping quickly too and paid before stepping out of the magical place that had bestowed so much gratification to his taste buds.

The day went on well and he reached home in the evening as usual after work and continued with his usual routine.

No sooner had He settled down in his house to watch television than he heard the first rumble in his tummy. He ignored it but it was soon followed by several others.

Then a sharp pain hit his abdomen, followed by the need to rush to the toilet. It turned out to be an evening of horror and as he narrated to me the story i was laughing with tears on my face on how he struggled and vowed never to commit such atrocity in his life.

This story made me realize one should not ignore the sensitivity of one stomach and also take care of the food that we place in our mouths because one can die out of food poison.



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