Waiguru supports referendum on conditions

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has supported calls to change the Constitution through a referendum so as to ease the burned on Kenya s by restructuring positions.

But the amendments Ms Waiguru said, should not in anyway affect women representation in elective seats.

“We will only support adjustments that will give women more space in decision making tables,” said Ms Waiguru while giving her conditional support to the plebiscite.

She was speaking on Friday in Sagana during a meeting dubbed ‘Voice of Women in the Referendum Conversation’. The gathering was attended by more than 300 women drawn from different counties in Central Kenya.

The governor explained that her basis of issuing conditions to the proponents of the constitutional changes, is because parliament has failed to implement the two-third gender rule.

“The two-third gender rule has failed and has not worked for the country. Parliament has failed to implement it. We do not want the progressive implementation any more but we want equal opportunities,” said Ms Waiguru.

Proclaiming herself as a women rights’ champion, the Ms Waigru also said positions that require running mates, such as President and governor, candidates should be of opposite sex.

She said the Constitution should only be changed to ensure all electoral units have a woman in place.

“We want 50-50 situation in women representations in all seats. Proponents of the referendum must ensure that there is equal gender balance to get our support. If not, we will oppose the changes,” Ms Waiguru said.

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