Revealed: Why the “journey to Canaan” was aborted.

Raila Odinga today in his speech in Kakamega told his supporters what made him terminate the journey to the promised land. Raila Odinga said that they encountered crocodiles a long the way which blocked their path.

Speaking in Kakamega Raila has also explained that the journey to Canaan had to be re- strategized and accommodate all Kenyans.


The handshake Raila Made with President Uhuru Kenyatta signified the bridge that allowed all the people of Kenya to cross together to the promised land.

Raila Odinga who led the NASA team during the 2018 August Presidential election , also explained that the handshake was relevant in uniting Kenyans and steer development in the country.

The same words were echoed by The Deputy President William Ruto, The President and the President of Namibia was the invited guest to the event. The leaders also urged other leaders to join hands in the fight against corruption and support the government in achieving the Big Four Agenda.

This message comes as Raila Odinga got chosen by the African Union to be the African Representative on Infrastructure Development.This marks his political mile stone both in the country and the entire world .

This recognition and new role comes after the out spoken leader decided to bury their political differences with President Uhuru Kenyatta and focus on bringing Kenyans on a round table where they will focus on development and end divisions depending on tribal lines.



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