Videos. A good breed of police who rescues thugs from the jaws of a mob

A single police stood the ground and arrested the two thugs who were nearly executed by the crowd at the scene. The crowd was baying for blood .

The robbery is believed to have happened at the corner of Chiromo and Westlands road . The police officer who rescued the thugs and arrested them is believed to was guarding the NSE building and when he witnessed the incident he tracked the thugs using the uber.

The police action is one of bravery and an act of a good policeman who prevented the mo from executing the unjust the robbers.

Administration police officers in Kenya

This comes as the police force is under criticism of abduction and using excess force to exercise their authority. A recent incident is in Kawangware where a man was reported missing and his believed to have been abducted by the police officers around that area.

The police reforms is trying to recreate the notion about the perception the citizens have about the police. The police officers have a dark tainted image in Kenya, starting from corruption to other forms of illegal actions.

This image has been hard to erase as most of them struggle to have the positive image to the public. Most orders given to some police officers are viewed as malicious orders, which most a times end up frustrating the mwananchi whenever their is a misunderstanding.

The act of the police man in upholding the justice and preventing the angry mob from executing the robs is one of the good cops Kenya wants to see in all sectors.

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