Mohammed Ali planning to expose the rot in Kenyan Leadership?

Is Mohammed Ali planning a major come back in his investigative career? Well some Kenyans are beginning to gather these ideas following a tweet by Kenyan Activist Boniface Mwangi who revealed that Moha Jicho Pevu called him earlier today and the conversation they had in regard to Kenyan leadership angered him. Boniface Mwangi also said that he will share what the two discussed in the meeting tomorrow. A section of Kenyans questioned this move saying that it was intended to sanctify the Nyali MP after Kenyans had started claiming that he is now dining with corrupt leaders.

I got a call from Nyali MP requesting we meet. We spent over five hours talking. Tomorrow l shall post what we discussed, the stories he shared about Kenyan leadership left me angry, the rot is deeper than l had imagined, more tomorrow. reads Mwangi’s tweet

Weeks ago, angry Kenyans on twitter had raised concern on the conduct of Nyali MP Mohammed Ali. This came right after the MP gave his opinion on the war against corruption. KOT have expressed a sense of dissatisfaction saying that the MP betrayed them.

During the campaigns, the Nyali MP had mentioned that he would be ‘jicho pevu’ in the parliament which Kenyans feel he has not fulfilled. Some Kenyans also mentioned that they are bothered by the claims that he is now dining with the ‘big fish’ and suspected to be one of them now.

Speaking during an interview Mohammed Ali:  “If we want to do away with corruption, we should start with politicians. Corruption begins at that point where people vote for their leaders. If leaders are voted in by corrupt means, then they are likely to continue in corrupt ways. When we choose leaders the right way, then their ways will be right.

He went ahead and stated that the problem with Kenyans is that ; when we take up the war on graft we usually go to the small fish. We want to to start with the big sharks…  Ever since changes were made changes in the EACC I have faith that things will not go wrong as long as they do not  work on the basis/foundation of politics.”

One Kenyan had earlier posed a question asking on the possibility that Mohammed Ali could be gathering evidence from the inside and later expose the rot that exists in the government and perharps tomorrow will either confirm or rubbish this idea.

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