Miguna Miguna says Kenyan ‘Bobi Wine supporters’ are cowards


Miguna Miguna has today attacked Kenyan Bobi Wine supporters by saying that they are cowards for being unable to confront alleged tyrants in the country.

Those pretending to support @HEBobiwine in Kenya are cowards. The best way to fight for freedom is to confront tyrants in your own country. DIRECTLY CONFRONT @UKenyatta regarding his egregious violations of human rights in Kenya. Stop pretending to be fighting Museveni in Kenya. reads Miguna’s tweet

Bobi Wine has been receiving a lot of support from Kenyans ever since news broke that he had been arrested in his country a couple of months ago. The Ugandan MP who is currently in Kenya for a trip after he was invited over by Embakai East MP Babu Owino has a lot of following within the country and many have been moved by his bold fight for justice back in his country.

Bobi Wine has stood out as a leader that fights for his country even to the extent of putting his life at risk and this might be a major reason as to why he is applauded and admired in Kenya than how Kenyan youth leaders are.

Kenyans on twitter earlier this week challenged leaders to look upto him as a guide to what true leadership means. Even as the Ugandan MP is celebrated, Kenyans have be faulted for celebrating Bobi Wine yet doing nothing, and not participating fully in regard to the fight against corruption.

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