Hilarious comments by tweeps on the ‘No bra day’


No Bra Day is observed annually on October 13 on which women are encouraged to forgo wearing a bra with the intention to encourage breast cancer awareness. No Bra Day was initially observed on July 9, 2011, but within three years it had moved to October 13, the month of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Although the origins of National No Bra Day are unclear – this event has been running since at least 2011, with the message of raising awareness for the importance of breast cancer screening, recognising the symptoms of breast cancer and regular self-examinations in the fight against breast cancer, by encouraging women to leave their bras at home on October 13th.

“No Bra Day is an observance day which is celebrated on the 13th of October. On this day, millions of women leave their bras at home to promote the cause of breast cancer awareness & remind them that they should always get screened for breast cancer. Dont abuse this day.” reads tweet


Although a controversial event in the eyes of some, awareness is created by using the hashtag #nobraday on social media and encouraging women to go braless for a 24-hour period on the 13th October, National No Bra Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of knowing how to carry out breast self-examinations, being able to recognise the symptoms of breast cancer and encouraging women to partake in regular breast cancer screening.

It is mostly  portrayed as a female event, men are also encouraged to participate as well because the awareness is meant to benefit all

People on twitter have shown their excitement towards this day  beyond the breast cancer awareness some seem to have gotten the opportunity to crack jokes. Here are some of the reactions.



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