Judiciary system faulted for derailing corruption cases

A section of Kenyans have faulted the judiciary system on how they handle corruption cases. Chief Justice David Maraga on record, stated that the Judiciary, apart from being corrupt is also aiding and abetting in corruption acts by delaying in giving verdicts over the cases.

“Since graft is still rife in the Judiciary, it means high profile graft cases involving misappropriation of funds do not get resolved and the cases are either adjourned for months or dismissed on the pretext that they lack enough evidence to prosecute.”reads a Kenyan tweet

The complaints come days after Kenyans on twitter unleashed the ‘forgotten files’ with demands to the DPP for him to take action.

The messages  were directed to the Director of Public prosecution Noordin Haji asking him to take action over the cases that seem to be long forgotten. Kenyans have applauded him for his good work but also requested that he re-opens cases that were not looked into as the public required.

“Dear DPP Noordin Haji , we appreciate the good work you’re doing.  kindly follow up on the unending suspicious expenditure by our county governments. Let’s not forget Nyandarua county built 4 public toilets at ksh 4M each  kind regards”

With the current state  of the nation in terms of corruption, A section of Kenyans went ahead and named the specific cases that they want addressed.

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