Two Reasons Why Obado wants to Be granted Bail

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Migori Governor Okoth Obado has filed an application at the High Court seeking to review the grounds the court used to deny him bail.

In his application, the Governor whose has been charged with the murder of the pregnant Rongo University student and girlfriend Sharon Otieno, argues that courts admittance to bail will not affect the ongoing investigations.

The High court denied him bail on September 27 on grounds that he will interfere with witness statements. “The application cannot be determined before the witness statements and other evidence are availed to all the parties.

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That is the only way that this court can fully exercise its discretion applying the factors for consideration in determining whether or not any compelling reason exists to deny bail,” Lady Justice Jessie Lesiit explained.

Obado, however, in his affidavit, notes that 24 witnesses were summoned and had their statements reorded even before his arrest, without any interference.

“Neither the Investigators, witnesses, family of the deceased or any other persons have alleged that I committed or attempted to interfere with investigations, witnesses, evidence, intimidated them or acted in any way affecting the investigations, prosecution or trial of this case,” he adds.

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The Governor also said he is under specialized medical care as he suffers from severe backache since 2013.

“I suffer from a severe back problem known as a Nerve Compression with Disc lesion on the Lumber Spine. To manage the condition, I have been under special care of a medical doctor by the name of Prof. Ating’a,” he said.

Obado who was taken ill on Wednesday and has since been moved to the general ward in Kenyatta National Hospital. He is undergoing various tests as doctors try to find out what is ailing him.

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His lawyer Cliff Ombeta, has however faulted the decision to take his client to a general ward.

“We don’t understand why they are holding my client in the general ward when they have a private facility at their disposal. I am headed there right now to find out what is happening,” Mr Ombeta said when contacted for comment Thursday.

It comes as a surprise that the governor is being held with the general population because it has been common for high-flying government officials to be admitted to the private wing of the hospital in case they fall ill while in police custody.

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In June this year, for instance, former Youth Affairs Principal Secretary Lillian Omollo, who was arrested for being one of the key suspects in a corruption scandal involving the National Youth Service, was admitted at KNH’s private wing and accorded VIP treatment.

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